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Breastfeeding Aids

The most natural way
to feed your baby
after breastfeedind

A full range for parents for the comfort of your baby:

Nipple Shields

Nipple shields are an extremely effective way of helping mums suffering from painful or cracked nipples to continue to breastfeed. This enables continued feeding, allowing babies to suckle in peace.

Being extremely flexible, the baby adapts quickly, enabling natural breastfeeding while ensuring comfort for all concerned.


+ medical and food grade silicone
+ ultra-flexible and resistant
+ odourless and ultra-thin to ensure optimal comfort

Set 2 Breast milk collection shells

Brest milk collection shells designed to protect the nipples. They ensure milk collection in total safety;

Their ultra-supple silicon membrane is very comfortable.


+ leak-preventer
+ second-skin effect
+ odourless & tassteless
+ a suitable shape to place the shell on the table without reversing it

Our products

a full range for babies