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Tips for parents

What will you need in the maternity unit?

It is important to prepare your case for the maternity unit between the 7th and 8th months of pregnancy. Here is a full list proposed by NATAE to help you prepare for this happy event:

For your baby

  • Newborn nappies and baby care products; (these might be supplied, but not always, so check with the maternity unit)
  • 1-2 towels, face cloths, bathrobe and muslin squares

Baby clothes for several days, including

  • 6 cotton vests (preferably front-opening rather than pull over vests),
  • 3-4 warm cardigans; remember that your baby has been at a temperature of 37° for the past 9 months,
  • 6 sleepsuits, as practical as possible;
  • 2 pairs of booties,
  • 1 cotton or wool hat, depending on the season;
  • 1 baby sleeping bag;
  • 6-7 cotton bibs;
  • 1 blanket for the nursery
  • Optional: 2 cot-sized cotton mattress covers for the maternity unit bed.
  • 1 outfit for the day you leave;
  • A travel cot, baby carrier or car seat, depending on your transport mode, and a fleece blanket (depending on the season) for the day you leave;

For mum

  • A change of clothes (including breastfeeding bras, pads and nipple shields if you are planning on breastfeeding)
  • Pyjamas, slippers,
  • Toiletries, including disposable panties and sanitary protection,
  • Towels and face cloths,
  • Telephone and charger (consider bringing a power bank, cables and ear buds so as not to disturb others if you are in a shared room)
  • 1 bottle of water, 1 water spray, (no acidic fruit juices, such as orange juice, if breastfeeding)
  • ID card, social security number, private health insurance details, your latest exam results, blood group card, pen and notebook. Don’t forget to bring face masks.

TIP : You can also prepare a “birth bag” to bring on the big day, containing all the most important things.

This might include: telephone, 1 water bottle, some food, water spray, ID papers and exam results, pen, nightdress (front-opening to allow skin contact with your new baby), 1 dressing gown, slippers, cardigan (if you feel the cold); and, in a separate cloth or plastic bag, for your baby: 3 newborn nappies, 1 baby bodysuit, 1 cardigan, 1 warm sleepsuit, 1 hat, socks or booties, 1 sleeping and small blanket.

For dad

The big day

  • ID card, health insurance contract if it concerns mum too, livret de famille;
  • pen; snacks, coins for the coffee dispenser and, of course, face masks.
  • Something to help pass the time: book, tablet, etc.
  • During your stay:
  • 1 bag to collect washing from mum and baby while in the maternity unit;

TIP : Remember to ask friends and family for large items that can be reused, such as a cot, baby car seat, rocker, pushchair, bath seat, etc.

Also remember to wash all baby clothes before use; new clothes may contain toxic residues from the industrial process and cause allergies.